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Mobildeich with water filling

Fast Flood Defence

German Design - British Manufacture

Mobildeich with water filling

Mobildeich is a portable flood defence system which can be quickly deployed to protect against flood water up to 3.5m high.

The water filled system is compact to store, easy to transport and quick to establish. Its unique patented design uses the flood waters own weight to hold the barrier firmly in place.

The system has been proven across Europe where it is used by authorities and environmental agencies to protect people and property against flooding.


  • Water-filled flood barrier from 45cm to 3.5m
  • Unique patented membrane holds firmly in place
  • Stored and transported on a compact metal reel
  • Deployed in under an hour


  • Proven protection used across Europe
  • More secure than traditional water filled barriers
  • Suitable for both level and uneven surfaces
  • 1mx100m Mobildeich saves 14,000 sandbags

The main components of the Mobildeich system are manufactured by Structure-flex in the UK.
manufactured by Structure-flex
manufactured by Structure-flex

Proven Protection

The Mobildeich system is deployed by authorities, environmental agencies and fire departments across Europe.
It not only protects people and property from floods but can be used to establish dry access to submerged structures such as bridge supports.

mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application

mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application
mobildeich Application

How Does it Work?


The Mobildeich Flood Defence System consists of three main components:

  • A Two or three water filled tubes provide a strong barrier against rising and flowing flood water
  • B Reinforced net holds the tubes firmly together to provide a barrier from 45cm to 3.5m in height
  • C Unique patented membrane not only secures the tubes in place but uses flood water’s own weight to hold the barrier firmly in place, even if breached by flood water

Quickly Deployed in Under 60 minutes

easy assembly floodprotection-
5 min5 min


Easily transported on a purpose-built frame or wheel reel, Mobildeich can quickly be rolled out and positioned in the required location

20 min 20 min


Each tube can be individually filled from a water main or with flood water using a pump

hochwasserschutz mit Dichtungssystem
40 min 40 min

Placing Membrane

Once filled, the patented membrane is positioned over the tubes and towards the flood risk

hochwasserschutz schnell aufgebaut
60 min 60 min


In under an hour, the Mobildeich is positioned, filled and secured by the rising floodwater - providing an impenetrable barrier around people and property

What Makes Mobildeich So Effective?

a simple tube dyke compared to Mobildeich

Traditional water-filled flood barriers are prone to floating when flood waters exceed 70% of their height.

ueberstroembarkeit hochwasserschutz

Mobildeich’s unique patented membrane uses the weight of flood water itself to further secure the barrier in place.
Mobildeich thus provides up to 40% more protection than standard barriers, with much greater dependability.

British Made – German Design

Mobildeich Modules

Modules are available in diameters from 45cm to 3.5m and individual lengths from 10-50 metres. They can be supplied on either a steel frame or easy-to-manoeuvre metal reel.
Every module is ready for use.

Reel Wheels

Metal wheels are available to make the reel even easier to handle and position.

Water pump

Petrol, diesel and electric pumps are available to fill the system in minutes.

Stacking Pallets

Stacking pallets allow modules to stacked three high for compact storage.

Sealing Profiles

A range of attachments are available to provide even greater assurance by securing the patented membrane to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Trailers & Containers

Trailer and Container systems are available to provide hundreds of metres of protection in an easily stored, transported and deployed unit.

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