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Original Big Bag

Since 1970, the Original Big Bag container has provided exceptionally safe storage and transportation of bulk powders and granules and is available in various designs and capacities ranging from 500 to 2,500kg.

In some instances the Original Big Bag continues to be the first and, some argue, only sensible choice in hostile environments across the world, such as in the demanding Middle East and Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industries.

Operators have grown accustomed to the robust, independently validated, 8:1 safety factors with the Original Big Bag's renowned durability and reliability working hand in hand with the ever increasing stringent health and safety operational requirements of the modern world.

The waterproof properties of the high frequency manufacturing construction and UV resistant thermoplastic coated textiles make the Original Big Bag ideally suited to hygroscopic materials. This also makes it suitable for both short and long term uncovered external storage, something not possible with disposable polypropylene FIBC bags.

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