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Baffle Bag

Baffle bags incorporate a series of internal baffles, connecting the opposing Big Bag walls to each other to enable the bag to retain an exceptionally uniform shape and provide greater stability.

Baffles are ordinarily introduced to square or rectangular bags and the number, location, and shape will vary depending upon application and also incorporate cut-outs to promote even product flow during and emptying.

Bags containing more unstable free flowing or semi liquid contents benefit greatly from this design as they are more stable during transportation and far more likely to remain inside a pallet footprint, reducing handling damage and abrasion damage from neighbouring loads.

The bag's 'form-stable' nature means they are also well suited to automated warehouse storage, where a high level of dimensional stability of product sitting on pallets is required.

  • Bespoke design and manufacture in all dimensions
  • Rapid cost effective prototyping
  • Limitless internal baffle configuration to ensure stability
  • Open top, skirt top or traditional inlet sleeves options
  • Available with rectangular or square body construction
  • Conical or flat base, to assist the emptying process
  • Total discharge or traditional outlet sleeve options, including dust skirts
  • Petal closures, sleeve shrouds, base protection / hygiene flap options
  • PVC coated polyester lifting straps, with wear protectors
  • High Frequency welded to provide dust tight, water proof seams.
  • Document wallets, sight widows and identification patch options available
  • Available in over 50 colours, for coding or to match corporate branding.
  • UN Chapter 16 hazardous goods options
  • Easy to repair minor damage in the field
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