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The self-supporting range of open top tanks, or 'onion' tanks, are frame free and designed to be quickly and easily deployed and filled on level ground making them ideal for the humanitarian, fire-fighting, exploration and mining, military, agriculture and construction sectors.

They incorporate a foam or air filled collar, which rises unaided as the water is introduced, protective top covers with securing ties, and foam floats to prevent debris from falling in and to protect water from UV light.

Very easy to clean, these tanks can be used to store drinking, grey, or waste water, and are often use as a storage method enabling the introduction of treatment chemicals, or as a settlement tank at the beginning of a filtration line system.

  • Capacities ranging from 500 litres to 100,000 litres
  • Standard sizes or bespoke to suit individual requirements
  • Produced in a variety of PVC and TPU coated technical textiles
  • Range of metal and GRP bulkheads fitting for filling/empty avalible
  • 1" to 4" gate / butterfly and ball valves, incorporating camlock, guillemin or storz couplings
  • Durable 630gsm protective PVC groundsheet, to protect tank base
  • Carrying valise with handles, to enable ease of handling when setting out
  • Repair kit (excluding adhesive) for small in-field repairs
  • Widely used in humanitarian, fire-fighting, exploration and mining, military, agriculture and construction sectors.

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