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Ring Bag

Ring Bags are designed to be handled using our bespoke hinged lifting ring, and are suited to crane or hoist based handling. By eliminating traditional lifting straps, damage to the straps which can render the bag as scrap can be avoided potentially, giving ring bags longer in-field service.

  • Bespoke design and manufacture in all dimensions
  • Rapid cost effective prototyping
  • OEM lifting ring used to handle and manoeuvre
  • Evenly distributed, secure, circumferential bag handling stress
  • High Frequency welded to provide dust tight, water proof seams
  • Open top, or traditional inlet sleeves options
  • Available with circular body construction
  • Conical or flat base, to assist the emptying process
  • Traditional outlet sleeve options, including dust skirts
  • Petal closures, sleeve shrouds, base protection/hygiene flap
  • Document wallets, sight widows and identification patch options available
  • Available in over 50 colours, for coding or to match corporate branding
  • Easy to repair minor damage in the field

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