Published: 20/04/2020

Further to our update of 27th March, Structure-flex has resumed production and supply of some products from Monday 20th April.

Whilst our priority remains the safety of our staff and colleagues, we’ve been able to plan for the safe resumption of production to satisfy continuing demand from our valued customers for lorry tension curtains and other products.

Within our factory, manpower has been minimised and social distancing maximised wherever possible. Those staff who are able to will continue to work from home.

Reusable PPE and other COVID-19 supplies

During our pause in production, our team have applied their extensive experience with flexible thermoplastics to successfully designing a reusable PPE full-face shield.

The transparent shield covers the entire face to help protect the wearer from airborne particles exhaled by others. It can be used with glasses, eye protection and face masks, whilst being safely cleaned with alcohol and other sanitisers for repeat use. 

We’ve already supplied a batch to care providers and have initial orders from other organisations who want to sustainably protect both their staff and the people they interact with. As well as health care professionals, we’re keen to help emergency services, local authorities and the staff of any companies continuing or resuming operations. 

On a sober note, we have also been able to support a client with the manufacturing of body bags for those who sadly succumb to COVID-19 and other illnesses during this national crisis.

Though we have resumed production, we’re conscious the fight against COVID-19 remains critical. We’d like to reiterate our admiration for all those working hard to care for and keep us safe. Thank you.

All enquiries for our standard products, PPE and body bags can be made via or calling 01263 863 100.