Published: 20/02/2017

When it comes to baking and what goes into making high quality products, family-owned GR Wright’s has learned a thing or two over its 150 year history. A tradition of quality, innovation, and best production practices have enabled the business to survive as London’s only remaining miller and to expand its product range to include a range of baking ingredients and mixes.

“Over five generations, the Wright’s name has been synonymous with superior quality” explains Richard Phipps, Factory Manager at Wright’s Baking Ingredients division. “To meet the increasingly stringent standards expected in the food industry, it is very important that the very highest standards are maintained throughout the entire production cycle and that includes continuous investment in the facilities and plant.”

So, when it came to choosing 150 new bulk storage bags for use in its state of the art production facility at the company’s multi-million pound development at Delta Park, Enfield, Wright’s turned to one of Europe’s leading suppliers of flexible fabric products, Structure-flex.

Richard continued: “The bulk storage of the ingredients that go to make up our speciality mixes is a crucial part of the production process and the one tonne bags are used during the manufacture of the mixes and for their temporary storage after they have been combined.

“The bags are moved through the facility as the manufacture process progresses and, depending on the ingredients, the final mixes are stored for anything up to two days in the factory whilst they are rested or packaged ready for shipping. It’s vital, therefore, that the bags are strong, reliable, and reusable.”

Experts in fabricating long life products from heavy-duty flexible reinforced fabrics, Structure-flex supplies and manufactures a range of bulk packaging systems from 500kg up to 24 tonnes in capacity – ideal for a wide variety of industries.  

The concept of the bulk bag is a simple but effective one. Specifically designed and manufactured from reinforced thermoplastic-coated material, the bag is the ultimate reusable, multi-trip container for use in demanding applications and environments.

Structure-flex tailor produce the bags in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, with the option of applying specific lifting mechanisms such as straps or rings, or including drawstrings, special closures, skirts, or baffles to correspond with the required filling and discharging equipment.

This customisation was another important feature for Wright’s: “We blend a number of different products in the factory and each bulk bag needs to be re-used for the production of the same blend of ingredients. To meet with our rigorous control processes, a colour coding and numbering system is used so that every bag can be tracked through production and identified at each stage.

“Hygiene is also critical factor for us and all our products comply with strict health and safety regulations. Cleanliness and the ease of cleaning was an important consideration and, with the life expectancy of each bag being many years, they will have to undergo the cleaning process a large number of times during that period.”

As Structure-flex’s thermoplastic bulk bags are capable of a great number of uses and can last for many years, they are very cost effective and have a reduced environmental impact compared with disposable alternatives.

Richard concluded: “The bulk bag technology has been the best solution for our needs and the flexibility of use and customisation of the product has enabled them to dovetail in with our processes. Wright’s has purchased bulk bags from Structure-flex for a number of years and never any issues with any of them.”