Published: 28/06/2024

The importance of eye-catching commercial vehicle graphics is proving a top priority for retailers, brands and their logistics providers in 2024, according to the UK’s largest producer of lorry tension curtains.

Structure-flex believe fleet branding is often only behind reliability and sustainability in the list of current priorities for fleet operators.

“Despite the pandemic and Brexit creating new commercial pressures for fleet operators, the number of curtains we produced remained consistent. With so many brands now focused on growth, our production has risen and our clients tell us investing in vehicle branding is more beneficial than ever” says Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex.

Structure-flex is currently producing a record quantity of lorry tension curtains and vehicle graphics, which they believe is due to both rising demand and fall in the number of suppliers.

The pandemic and other commercial pressures lead to a number of lorry tension curtain producers ceasing trading as they were unable to meet customers’ rising expectations.

When asked what is driving the increase in demand, Structure-flex’s long-standing managing director believes the answer is the increasing opportunity to boost brand awareness which commercial vehicle graphics offer.

“As companies strive for exposure, they see greater value in their vehicles as mobile advertisements for their brand. Commercial vehicles pass thousands of people every day and most people have at some time been stimulated to buy something or choose a company based on seeing their trucks and vans” states Paul.

In addition, Structure-flex believe that new materials and printing technology are also opening up creative opportunities for ambitious brands and hauliers.

“Fleet operators can be bolder with their vehicle graphics. New technology means more complex images and designs can be faithfully reproduced and continue to look great for longer as their vehicles criss-cross the country” adds Paul.

In the last 18 months, Structure-flex have made significant investment in technology, including grand format digital printers and extra-long high-frequency welding equipment which enables them to produce curtains up to 16m long with greater ease.

Combined with the demise of a number of competitors, Structure-flex has cemented its position as the UK’s largest lorry tension curtain manufacturer and is producing more than ever in its 54-year history.

“Commercial vehicles work hard and lorry curtains in particular need to be tough and dependable as there’s little point looking good if you don’t deliver your promises. Our investment in equipment and skills ensure that the quality and performance of the tension curtains and vehicle graphics we deliver continue to develop every year” concludes Paul.

Structure-flex was established in 1970, just one year after the flexible lorry tension curtain was first seen on roads across Britain, Europe and America.

The firm can produce curtains for any dimension of trailer, including for specialist systems like Smoothside and Reflex, as well as the popular Adaico Ada-slider. They also produce complete cab and rear door graphics, as well as van graphics and vehicle wraps.

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