Published: 16/12/2020

As a proud part of the British manufacturing community, we have renewed our membership with Made in Britain. 

Made in Britain is a recognisable and protected mark which can only be used and displayed by British manufacturers. It supports British Manufacturing by helping consumers and buyers around the world to identify products that are made in the UK.

Here at Structure-flex, we feel it’s more important than ever to support our communities and encourage others to buy British.

Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex, says “We’re proud to manufacture all our products here in the UK. Following the pandemic, it is more vital than ever to fly the flag for Britain manufacturing and the internationally recognised qualities it stands for.”

The Made in Britain logo champions the extensive range of goods manufactured in Britain today. It has long been recognised that British manufacturing is synonymous with quality, consistency and innovation.

By buying British, customers help invest in skilled craftsmanship and securing the future for British manufacturers. Purchasing British-made goods also helps money to filter through to our local economy and enables British companies to invest in each other. The Made in Britain mark works to unite, support and promote the British manufacturing sector within the UK and beyond.

Paul Reeve concludes “We’re thrilled to have renewed our membership with such a world-wide recognisable mark. British manufacturers are renowned for their innovation and quality, and we’re proud to be a part of that on-going global legacy.”

Here at Structure-flex, we’re a family-owned business which has specialised in manufacturing flexible thermoplastic products for over 50 years. Our factory is located on the north Norfolk coast and part of a growing community of specialised manufacturers which sells goods across the UK, Europe and beyond.  

By renewing our membership, Structure-flex will also be featured in Made in Britain’s member’s directory alongside many other fantastic UK companies, all flying the flag for Britain.

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