Published: 23/11/2021

After a rocky 2021 for Britain’s high street, businesses are looking forward to a return to normality in the new year, with shops and restaurants booming in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Much of business is now back to pre-covid levels and companies are keen to have their fleets looking great on the roads - with lorry tension curtains that are both vibrant and eye catching in 2022.


Returning confidence

This past year has of course been turbulent, with several lockdowns and reopening’s throughout its course. But, recently the British public - and British businesses - have gained a renewed confidence as we edge towards 2022.

There’s a feeling of positivity on the high street with brands eager to grow their customer base.  

Brexit and the pandemic caused pent-up demand for lorry tension curtains and, looking towards 2022, that demand only looks to increase.  Restaurants, high street shops and alcohol and wine brands are keen to have their fleets looking great on the road this new year.

Some of the biggest names in food and drink state their vehicle graphics are now more recognised than their TV commercials.


Boost to the economy

The UK’s autumn budget and spending review for 2021 states that Britain’s economy has recovered close to pre-pandemic levels, after a swift rebound from the worst recession in 300 years.

Thanks to the successful vaccine rollout, the UK has reopened largely on schedule and things look to remain positive as we go into 2022. The economy is now expected to grow by 6.5% in 2021 (2.4 percentage points faster than predicted in March.)

The data clearly indicates that there is rising demand and ambition across many sectors.


Getting out on the road

Looking ahead to 2022, businesses are keen to not only return to normal – but to get their fleets back on the road in pristine condition. Now is the right time to invest in stand-out graphics for your lorry fleets.

The commercial vehicle industry needs their lorry tension curtains to provide a smooth surface for branding and designs, with print technology that can create highly impactful graphics that stay vibrant for longer.

With more footfall on the high-street, cars on the road and consumers eager to get back out there in 2022, there’s no better time to invest in your lorry fleet!

Whatever your needs, side curtains, rear door, cab decals or full wraps, there’s high quality digitally printed lorry graphics that would be ideal for your brand.


How Structure-flex can help you this 2022

Here at Structure-flex our team have been working incredibly hard to provide quick lead times in the run up to 2022.

From our 50,000 square feet facility, our operations in North Norfolk are one of the largest and most capable in the UK. Our industry-leading manufacturing and creative vibrant printing of lorry tension curtains will mean your fleets will look fresh and road ready this 2022.

Our customers know we have the best supply in the market, with a massive and frequently replenished stock of over 60 colours and shades of tension curtain material.

For more information on Structure-flex and their large stock of lorry tension curtains, contact 01263 863 1000.