Published: 11/01/2024

Thermoplastic manufacturing specialists Structure-flex have been providing the innovative Mobildeich flood defence system across the UK and Europe to help tackle the increasing flood risk.

2024 has been wet and windy for much of the UK so far – and according to the BBC, there are over 250 flood warnings in place. More than 1,000 homes have been flooded in England just this week.

As such, demand for the Mobildeich system and other flood defence systems has risen sharply.

“The weather over the winter has again demonstrated that flooding is a more frequent risk than ever. That’s why it’s increasingly important for local authorities and land owners to have the appropriate flood defence measures in place for when it happens – to reduce damage and cost” says Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex.

The German-engineered system consists of two or three flexible tubes filled with water which are positioned as a physical barrier along riverbanks, around properties or anywhere floodwater may pose a threat.

Available in various sizes, the Mobildeich system can be linked together for almost any length of defence and provide a barrier for floodwaters from 45cm to 3.5m high.

Additionally, it is delivered rolled up on a metal frame and axle and is quickly established by rolling it out and filling it from a water main or floodwater using a pump.

Mobildeich distinguishes itself from similar systems through its unique design. A strong netting encases the tubes, keeping them together and a distinctive orange membrane prevents floodwater from passing under the tubes.

Competing systems can be susceptible to floating away if water levels exceed 70% of the barrier's height. However, Mobildeich's innovative and patented membrane is physically held in place by the weight of the floodwater itself, ensuring the barrier remains firmly in place even if the water level exceeds it.

"Mobildeich has been rigorously tested and adopted by environmental agencies and authorities across Europe - it's proven to be easy to store, deploy and reuse” adds Paul Reeve.

Structure-flex was established in 1970 and produces many products from flexible thermoplastics, including components for the innovative Mobildeich.

As well as being the UK’s leading suppliers of lorry tension curtains, they provide a wide range of other products produced from flexible thermoplastic, such as bulk packaging, proof test bags and air lift bags.

Structure-flex also deliver a wide range of digital printing from vehicle graphics and wraps, to signage and advertising.

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