Published: 21/07/2020

Flexible thermoplastic experts Structure-flex have launched the unique German designed and British manufactured Mobildeich system for flood protection here in the UK.

As the government announce a £5.2 billion investment in nationwide flood defences, Structure-flex, who manufacture the main components within the patented system, are introducing the product to help UK authorities protect people and property from flooding.

“The weather over autumn and winter again demonstrated that flooding is a more frequent risk than ever” says Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex. “Having manufactured major components for Mobildeich for over six years, it seems fitting we help the UK benefit from the proven protection it has already delivered in Europe.” 

The German engineered system consists of two or three flexible tubes which are filled with water and positioned as a physical barrier along river banks, around property or anywhere flood water may threaten. Available in varying sizes, it can be linked together for almost any length of defence and provide a barrier for flood waters from 45cm to 3.5m high.

Delivered rolled-up on a metal frame and axle, the barrier is quickly established by rolling it out and filling it with a water main or flood water using a pump. It is compact to store and can be deployed over almost any surface including uneven terrain.

Where the Mobildeich differs from similar systems is in the unique design with a strong netting, which encases the tubes, keeping them together and interaction of the orange membrane which keeps the floodwater away from under the tubes. Competing systems can be susceptible to floating away if water levels exceed 70% of the height of the barrier. However, Mobildeich’s innovative and patented membrane is physically held in place by the weight of the flood water itself, ensuring the barrier remains firmly in place even if the water level exceeds it.

First designed by Doctor Walter Wagenhuber in 2002, the system is in wide use by authorities across Europe and has been deployed as both a flood defence and to hold back water to gain maintenance access to submerged structures such as bridge supports and sea defences.

“Mobildeich has been rigorously tested and adopted by environmental agencies and authorities across Europe” adds Paul Reeve. “It’s proven easy to store, deploy and reuse. We’re proud Mobildeich turned to our specialist knowledge of flexible thermoplastics and high frequency welding techniques. It’s great to combine the best of British manufacturing with great German design.”

Mobildeich claim a 30m length can replace 4,700 sandbags and be deployed in less than 2% of the time. The system has also been tested on dry land as a successful security barrier to protect pedestrians from the potential of rampaging vehicles used by terrorists.

Established in 1970, Structure-flex manufacture and print large flexible fabric products for use in transportation, packaging and testing. The Norfolk-based firm is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of lorry tension curtains.

Producing over 10,000 metres of the flood barrier for Europeans to-date, Structure-flex is now providing the system to UK customers with full support. More details and information can be found at