Published: 16/11/2023

As flooding is once again in the headlines, there is a growing importance around protecting property and people from its damaging effects.

The UK is particularly vulnerable to flooding due to its location, climate and landscape - and because of its mild winters and wet summers.

Over recent years, the country has experienced an increasing number of flooding events. In 2015 and 2020, there were extreme storms which brought heavy rainfall and led to flooding across the nation.

And, this year we have just experienced back-to-back storms - Storm Agnes and Storm Ciaran – which have both caused widespread flooding and damage to many areas of the UK.

So, in this blog we will discuss the benefits of using the highly innovative Mobildeich flood defence system and how it can significantly improve the protection of land, property and people across the country…


The Benefits of flood defences

Climate change is expected to have a continued impact on the likelihood of extreme weather incidents. As the global temperatures rise, the atmosphere holds more water vapour, which means there is a greater potential for heavy rainfall. As sea levels rise there is an increased risk of coastal flooding, too.

And, due to its landscape, the UK is particularly susceptible to both riverine flooding (flooding caused by rivers overflowing) and pluvial flooding (flooding as a result of heavy rainfall).

In 2020, the UK government increased its commitment to national flood defences – announcing a £5.2 billion investment in defence solutions. This is when the innovative Mobildeich flood defence system – which is proven in protection across Europe – first came to the UK.

Flood defence systems are an important part of flood risk management, helping with:

  • Protection of life and property - Flooding can cause significant damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure and put people at risk. Having the correct defences in place or ready to quickly deploy will help to reduce the risk of these damages and save lives.
  • Environmental protection - Floods can erode soil, pollute waterways and damage wildlife habitats. Appropriate defence systems aid in reducing this damage and protect the environment.
  • Reducing economic losses - Heavy flooding can cause significant economic losses through damage to homes and businesses, disruption to transportation and communication networks, and harming crop production. Being able to prevent significant destruction from floods can save millions in economic losses.


What is the Mobildeich flood defence system?

The Mobildeich flood defence system is a portable and rapidly deployable flood defence system which can be used to protect communities and businesses from the effects of flooding.

The system consists of a series of flexible tubes which are filled with water to create a barrier against the flood. The tubes can be deployed quickly and easily, and can protect from flooding waters up to 3.5m in height.


How does the Mobildeich flood defence system work?

The Mobildeich flood defence system works by creating a physical barrier against flood waters. The system is typically deployed along riverbanks or other shorelines and can also be used to protect individual properties or businesses.

The system is usually filled with water from a nearby source, such as a river, lake, reservoir or through mains water. The water is pumped into the tubes using a high-pressure pump and once filled creates a strong and durable barrier against flood waters.

Mobildeich’s unique patented membrane uses the weight of flood water itself to further secure the barrier in place, significantly improving its dependability over traditional flood defence systems.


Benefits of the Mobildeich flood defence system

Mobildeich flood defence system offers a number of benefits over traditional flood defence measures like sandbags and concrete walls. These include:

  • Portability - The Mobildeich flood defence system is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and deploy in urgent situations
  • Rapid deployment - The system can be deployed in a matter of hours – without the need for heavy equipment or intensive training
  • Versatility - It can be used to protect a wide range of areas, including homes, businesses, infrastructure and agricultural land
  • Durability - It’s manufactured from highly durable materials which are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, for dependable deployment again and again
  • Dependable – With its patented design, the Mobildeich protects up to 3.5m and, unlike traditional water-filled flood defences, can protect against waters which exceed 70% of its height

The Mobildeich has successfully been used for a number of flooding events around the world. For example, the system was recently used to protect homes and businesses from extreme flooding in central Europe during the summer of 2022.


How can the Mobildeich help protect your communities?

The Mobildeich flood defence system is a valuable tool for communities and businesses that are at risk of flooding. The system is portable, rapidly deployable, versatile and durable.

Traditional water-filled flood barriers are often inadequate for protecting against severe flooding, as they can float away when floodwaters reach over 70% of their height.

In contrast, the Mobildeich flood defence system employs a unique patented membrane which uses the weight of the floodwater against itself to securely anchor the barrier in place.

This innovative design offers up to 40% greater protection compared to standard barriers, ensuring dependable protection even in the face of extreme flooding conditions.

So, if you’re looking to improve the flood defence measures in your area, contact one of our highly skilled team to discover more about the Mobildeich and how it can be used to protect property, infrastructure and people in your community.